09 March 2007

It has all the trappings of an amateur theatre production, beginning precariously with Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd accusing the Federal Government of discussing plans for Nuclear energy in Victoria with high-profile businessman Ron Walker. And it ends badly with one of Rudd’s right-hand men, Shadow Attorney-General Kelvin Thomson, resigning from the frontbench due to a past association with notorious underworld fugitive Tony Mokbel. Thomson, who was unaware of Mokbel’s profile at the time, was a referee for a liquor licence application made by Mokbel in 2000. Apparently Mokbel was "making a significant contribution to the community and employing a substantial number of people".

Everyone check your references!

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Anonymous said...

All hail the employer....even if it is punching out smiley faces on ecstasy tablets in a backyard lab. An appalling indictment of our 'small business can do wrong' mentality