12 April 2007

The Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop has had great difficulty convincing state and territory counterparts that performance-based pay will improve the standard of teacher quality across the nation.

State ministers are generally in agreement with Shadow Minister for Education Stephen Smith who called her proposal for performance-based pay "narrow and simplistic."

Smith also made reference to a new study by the Australian Council for Education Research which found that performance-based systems have not worked overseas. According to the report the schemes were vulnerable to bias and cronyism.

Teacher unions have raised similar concerns about parents and students being able to set a teacher's level of pay.

Under Labor’s plan trainee teachers will sit literacy and numeracy tests and existing teachers will have ongoing professional development training.

Bishop has threatened to withhold $3 billion in commonwealth education funding if the states refuse to accept her plan.

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The Editor said...

She called Stephen Smith "petulant" for showing up to the conference uninvited and here she is petulantly threatening to withhold the entire federal education budget if states won't implement her bad policy.