23 April 2007

There was some comforting news for the Prime Minsiter today as he began the first of his series of speeches on his vision for 2020.

The Coalition has gained ground in the latest ACNielsen poll.

On a two-party preferred vote, Labor slipped 2 points to 58 per cent, with the Coalition up 3 points to 42 per cent.

The approval rating for the Opposition Leader is down 1 point to 66 per cent, with the approval rating of the Prime Minister up 3 points to 49 per cent.

Would the results differ significantly if the Treasure was at the helm of the Coalition?

Not according to the voters.

If Costello was the current PM, Labor would be up 2 points to 61 per cent, with the Coalition down 3 points to 39 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

Costello has again, however, ruled out a challenge. He will be fiddling with his ticker for some time yet.

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